About Us

Welcome to the Marlborough Centre section of the school website.  The Marlborough Centre is a specialist provision for pupils with a Statement of Autism.


In the Centre, we firmly believe that every child has a right to education, no matter what barriers they have to learning.  We aim to instil in our pupils an enthusiasm for learning and an interest in the world around them.  We have high expectations of our pupils and strive to provide a learning environment that ensures our pupils are challenged and make good or better progress in all aspects of their school life.


We celebrate every achievement of our pupils learning including their social and emotional development, life skills acquisition to the national curriculum subjects of reading, wring, maths and many more.  We recognise that becoming toilet trained or trying something new to eat is just as momentous as being able to read & write.


We are extremely proud of all our pupils and what they are able to accomplish.  We like to share this success with parents and carers through newsletters, assemblies, open afternoons, etc, as well as formal meeting opportunities.


We hope that on visiting the Centre and any communication you have with us, you find us to be a welcoming and friendly provision who want the very best for the pupils in our care.  We very much look forward to working with you, along with the school staff and governors.


Mrs Debbie Amato

Head of Centre


MC playground 1
MC playground – Chime Bars
MC playground – Basket swing & Shark
MC main sign
MC main entrance