Admissions Criteria – Marlborough Centre

  • Referrals to the Marlborough Centre are from the LA, with the agreement of the Governors.  Delegation of this decision making is given to the Head of Centre with the agreement of Governors.

  • All pupils will have a Statement of Educational Needs.

  • There must be a clear medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • Primary need must clearly be ASD.

  • Pupils whose performance is significantly below national expectations and whose learning difficulties cannot be met from resources available to and in a mainstream school.

  • Pupils at pre school age will be likely to have had difficulties in gaining a clear assessment as to their ability range and often may be described as being within the ‘broadly average range’ or as ‘unable to assess’.

  • Pupils may not have developed verbal skills and rely on communication aids such as PECs, Signalong, gesture or just be at the emergent stage of speech.

  • Pupils will have needs that can be met within the existing provision and staffing levels at the Marlborough Centre.


  • The agreed number of bought places by the authority is fully subscribed and admitting children over this number would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources.

  • There is insufficient evidence of a clear diagnosis of ASD eg where it is reported ‘there are traits of autism’.

  • There is evidence of pupils working at levels above the cohort within the Marlborough Centre and have well developing verbal skills.

  • The admission of a pupil would compromise the health and Safety of the pupils and/or staff within the Centre or would compromise or disrupt the education of pupils already in attendance.

  • Siblings are not automatically admitted.

  • The needs of the child are such that it would be expected that their local mainstream school should be able to meet need, or to make necessary adaptations eg training staff to enable needs to be met.