What is our aim at Hoo St Werburgh?

We aim for all pupils leaving Hoo St Werburgh Primary School to be physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

All children in KS1 and KS2 and provided with 2 hours of curriculum PE time a week, plus many opportunities to engage in extra-curricular PE and Sports. In addition to this, we encourage active playtimes and active lunchtimes to ensure every child is getting their recommended 60 minutes of activity per day.

What is Sports Premium Funding?

Sports Premium Funding is a Government initiative that aims to enhance and improve the provision of PE and to increase the activity levels of children in primary schools. The amount of funding each school is allocated depends on the number of children in the school: schools with 17 or more eligible receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil (in Years 1 to 6).

How did we use the Primary Sports Premium Funding in 2018-2019?

For the academic year 2018-2019, Hoo St Werburgh Primary School received £15,000 of sports premium funding. This funding allowed us to enhance and increase our sports provision in the school. For example:

  • Specialist Sports Team attended CPD courses delivered by Greenacre and Howard Secondary Schools. The CPD courses allow staff to further knowledge, understanding and confidence in a range of different sports and activities related to PE.
  • Hoo St Werburgh attended more competitions, festivals and sporting events than ever before. Hoo St Werburgh attended 16 events and finished 31st out of 68 schools overall.
  • Hoo St Werburgh have had a greater focus on healthy living and have been promoting this through a Healthy Living Week celebrated in term 6. This will be continued into the next academic year.
  • High quality PE lessons have been planned and delivered through team-teach and observation which helps to improve staff skills.
  • Specialist Sports Team staff attended a PE conference to develop links and share expertise.
  • Equipment that was used for PE lessons, after-school clubs, break, and lunch times was purchased to renew and replenish equipment allowing more activities to be available.

How will we use the Primary Sports Premium Funding in 2019-2020?

For the academic year 2019-2020, Hoo St Werburgh Primary School will receive £20,250 of Sports Premium Funding. Our action plan for how we will spend the money can be found below. Our plan focuses on improving the following five key areas:

  • To maintain and increase the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity.
  • To raise the profile of PE and sport across the school.
  • To increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.
  • To offer a broader experience of a range of sports and activities for all pupils.
  • To increase participation in competitive sport.

Primary PE and Sports Grant Website Report 2019-2020

Extra-curricular Opportunities

  • Term 1: KingSquad (KS2); Badminton (Y5/6); Football (Y3/4); Multi-Sport (Y1/2); Hockey (Y5/6); Yoga (KS1&KS2); Creative Dance (Y1/2); Cheer Dance (KS2).
  • Term 2: KingSquad (KS2); Table Tennis (Y5/6); Indoor Athletics (Y3/4); Football (Y1/2); Indoor Athletics (Y5/6); Boxercise (Y4/5/6); Yoga (KS1&KS2); Creative Dance (Y1/2); Cheer Dance (KS2).
  • Term 3: KingSquad (KS2); Tag Rugby (Y5/6); Netball (Y5/6); Handball (Y4/5); Multi-Skills (Y1/2); Football League (Y5/6); Yoga (KS1&KS2); Creative Dance (Y1/2); Street Dance (KS2)
  • Term 4: KingSquad (KS2); Kwik-Cricket (Y5/6); Girls Football (Y4/5) Racket and Bat Skills (Y3/4); Football (Y3/4); Yoga (KS1&KS2); Creative Dance (Y1/2); Street Dance (KS2)
  • Term 5: KingSquad (KS2); Outdoor Athletics (Y5/6); Football (Y3/4); Tri-Golf (Y1/2); Outdoor Athletics (Y1/2); Yoga (KS1&KS2); Creative Dance (Y1/2); Street Dance (KS2)
  • Term 6: KingSquad (KS2); Football (Y5/6); Dodgeball (Y3/4); Archery (Y4/5/6); Football (Y1/2); Yoga (KS1&KS2); Creative Dance (Y1/2); Street Dance (KS2)

Competitions and Festivals

Term 1:

  • Tri-Golf (Y3/4) Thursday 3rd October;
  • MYG Hockey (Y5/6) Tuesday 15th October

Term 2:

  • MYG Basketball (Y5) Thursday 7th November;
  • MYG Badminton (Y5/6) Thursday 21st November

Term 3:

  • MYG Swimming (Y5/6) Thursday 16th January;
  • Indoor Athletics Festival (Y5/6) Thursday 23rd January;
  • Indoor Athletics Festival (Y3/4) Thursday 30th January;
  • Gymnastics Festival (Y1/6) Thursday 6th February;
  • MYG Table Tennis (Y5/6) Thursday 13th February

Term 4:

  • Multi-Skills Festival (Y3/4) Thursday 27th February
  • MYG Tag-Rugby (Y5/6) Thursday 5th March
  • MYGO Handball (Y5) Thursday 12th March
  • Multi-Skills Festival (Y1/2) Thursday 26th March
  • MYG Netball (Y5/6) Thursday 2nd April

Term 5:

  • Racket-Skills Festival (Y3/4) Thursday 23rd April
  • Quick-Stick Hockey Festival (Y3/4) Thursday 30th April
  • Primary Girls Only Football (Y4/5/6) Thursday 7th May
  • MYG Kwik-Cricket (Y5/6) Thursday 21st May

Term 6:

  • MYG Football (Y5/6) Thursday 4th June
  • Tri-Golf Festival (Y1/2) Thursday 11th June
  • MYG Athletics (Y5/6) Tuesday 23rd June
  • Dance Festival (Y1/6) Thursday 3rd July
  • Infant Agility Games (Y1/2) Thursday 9th July