School Policies

Accessibility Policy

Supporting Children With Medical Needs and Administration of Medicines within School 

Equality Information and Objectives

Admission Policy– Due to the current circumstances there has been some changes to the appeals process. These can be found by following this link- https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/admission-appeals-for-school-places/coronavirus-covid-19-school-admission-appeals

Behaviour Policy Annex to the Behaviour Policy- COVID19 

Charging and Remissions Policy

EYFS Policy

Exclusions Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Safeguarding Policy 

Safeguarding Policy – Hoo Child Friendly

Safeguarding – Peer on Peer Abuse – Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy April 2021 

Safeguarding Policy – Hoo Primary School Peer on Peer Abuse 

Safeguarding Policy – Marlborough Centre – Peer on Peer Abuse 

Annex to Safeguarding Policy

ROCC and ROCC Stars Holiday Provision Safeguarding Procedures

SEND Policy & SEND Report 

Sex & Relationships Policy 

Supporting Children with Medical Needs and First Aid

Intimate Care PolicyAppendix 1 – Record Form    Appendix 2 – Individual Intimate Plan

Mental Health and Well Being Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

COVID-19 Addendum to Attendance Policy

Medway Council Child Missing in Education (CME) Guidance

Lock Down Policy

Lone Worker Policy

Driving at work Policy

Snow and Bad Weather Policy

Nursery Admissions Policy

Touch Policy

Use of photographs and/or videos at school events Policy

Visitors Policy – see COVID-19 Risk Assessment for current visitor guidelines

Volunteers in School

Work-life Balance Policy

Jewellery Policy


Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Statement

Calculation Policy

Maths Policy 

PSHE Policy

Rivermead Inclusive Trust policies:

A number of our policies are inclusive of all of the schools within our Trust. A list of the Rivermead Inclusive Trust policies are below and can be viewed by clicking on this link – TRUST POLICIES.

Acceptance of gifts and hospitality
Accident, incident reporting and investigation policy
Child protection policy and procedures
Competitive tendering (Within finance policy)
Complaints policy
Contracts management
Data protection
Dignity at Work
Disciplinary policy
Drug and alcohol misuse
Education of LAC pupils
Educational visits
Equal opportunities
Equality information and objectives
Exam contingency
Freedom of information
Governors allowance
Governors code of conduct
Governors virtual meeting
Health and Safety
Included within recruitment and selection
Internal guidance for internal complaints
Intimate care
Managing staff sickness
Non examination assessment
Permit to work
Positive Handling
Premises management documents
Recruitment and selection
Risk assessment

Safeguarding Supervision Policy
Safer recruitment
School data breach procedure
School disposal of documents
Social Media
Staff conduct of conduct
Staff discipline, conduct and grievance (procedures for addressing)
Staff sickness and absence policy
Staff special leave policy
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff
Teachers’ pay
Teaching and Learning