Our School’s Ethos and Values

Our motto is courage, confidence, respect and belonging.


  • We ensure that the delivery of the curriculum is exciting and gives a sense ‘what’s out there’, instilling a desire to explore the wider world
  • We ensure that every child is challenged and is given the courage to push themselves out of their comfort zone
  • We provide a range of sporting, artistic and musical activities and events, including competitions
  • We all give each other the courage to give anything a go, stand up for what we believe in and defend those who are unable to defend themselves


  • We provide a structured learning journey from FS to Y6 and beyond helping children to be confident when leaving us
  • We use technologies to deliver and explore key issues, allowing pupils to be confident in dealing with the changing world in which we all live
  • We ensure that all children master basic skills in English and Maths to give them the confidence needed to succeed
  • We encourage everyone to have the confidence to celebrate their successes and acknowledge their failures, being resilient in the face of challenge
  • We give pupils the confidence to express their individual liberty



  • We insist on a moral code based on respect for all, celebrating hard work, good manners and kindness; acting in an honourable way is part of this code
  • We show zero tolerance of discriminatory behaviour in any form and promote understanding of different ways of living our lives
  • We show mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith
  • We teach children to respect the rule of law and behave in a positive manner


  • We work in partnership with parents, specialists, other schools and agencies
  • We go on many visits and welcome visitors into school to help pupils learn about the wider community to which they belong
  • We enable children to develop personal relationships of quality within the Hoo St Werburgh family
  • We instil a sense of belonging that helps pupils feel proud and want to make people proud using democratic systems to shape the school community

We commit to inspiring every child in some way, however small and we model British values and the values of courage, confidence, respect and belonging in everything we do.