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We are an Outreach service of Specialist Teachers – available to all Nursery (including PVI), and all State funded Primary and Secondary schools in Medway.

We support pupils with ASD, Communication and Interaction needs.
Whilst we do not support students within the home, we are happy to offer advice to schools for pupils who may be experiencing difficulties at home or in attending schools. Schools are already Autism aware and have experience of addressing the needs of students with ASD in the classroom, but with the inclusion of more complex pupils at mainstream schools. our role is to provide further support to teachers and other members of mainstream settings to meet the individual teaching, learning and wellbeing needs of students with Autism, Communication and Interaction Needs in their school.

We have previously met with groups of parents, within their child’s school setting, to support them to understand their child’s needs and offer further information and suggest resources.  We would be happy to continue to provide this opportunity to parents in the future, at the schools request.

In order to access the service the young person or child has to be on the Autistic spectrum (via a formal diagnosis) and the Parent / Carer’s consent to see the student. We are happy to offer advice and support to schools who may have pupils who are currently undergoing the assessment process for ASD or where parents and school have express a concern regarding ASD and wish to explore this pathway further.  The school SENCO or Inclusion Manager requests our advice or support by completing our referral form.  Other professionals working with the child may also request support, but parental consent must also be given prior to any referral being made to the Outreach Team.

How this is provided:

  • Initial and ongoing observations of individual pupils in the school environment. Providing feedback, advice and recommendations to school staff.
  • Advice regarding resources and how to develop them to suit pupils.
  • Work with pupils alongside school staff to improve outcomes. This could be in the form of groups to improve friendships, social skills or to help with transition to another school.
  • Deliver whole school training on areas such as Autism Awareness, Social Stories, Sensory Circuits, Sensory Needs and Behaviour. Other training needs can be discussed and where appropriate a bespoke training programme can be developed.
  • Attendance at Person Centred Annual Reviews and Early Help Reviews if required.
  • Support schools to work with parents to understand how the pupil’s needs could be met within a mainstream environment and to support their needs at home.

All notes and records are managed in line with the Council’s confidentiality, safeguarding and Data Protection Policies. Records of visits, advice and Reports are shared with schools and they will then share these with parents.

Useful to know

  • We are an Outreach Team and are therefore out of the office, working in schools for part or the most of the day.
  • Preferred contact – via email


Marlborough Outreach Team

Telephone:- 01634 338080


Referral Form

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Please send referrals direct to the MOT at the email address above.

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