Year 5 – Medway Test support page

17th June UPDATEplease click here to read about changes to the Medway Test dates

please CLICK HERE for a copy of the 1.6.2020 Medway Council letter

From this letter – Important Dates   –  Registration for grammar school assessment will be open during the planned dates of 1 June 2020 until 29 June 2020. If you would like your child to be considered for Medway grammar schools, you must register them online at between those dates.

If you feel your child would require special arrangements for a Test, you need to discuss this with their school as the school must submit the special arrangements request to Medway Council by Monday 6 July 2020.

This is naturally an anxious time for parents, but we will provide further information as soon as it becomes available. Information will be communicated through Medway schools and on our website at under ‘Apply for a secondary school place’.


If you are interested in registering your child for the Medway Tests, please CLICK HERE to visit the Medway Council website.  The link will take to their webpage on the Medway Tests, giving you information on what the Medway Tests are.  This link will also be used when it is time to register for the test – this is usually at the start of June and we will let you know on this page when we have a confirmed date for registration and if we are provided with any information.

While we would not usually provide practice for these tests, these are currently unusual times and we would like to help in any way possible.   Please find below some resources and practice papers from Twinkl that might help your child see what they might meet in the tests.

Click on the blue words for the relevant papers:

2017 Medway Test Familiarisation Booklet

Maths:       Practice Paper 1            Practice Paper 2          Parent Guide

Verbal Reasoning:        Compound Words             Word Closest in Meaning          Three Letter Words

Writing:    Complete the story        Film Review         Advertise your Town        The Ascent