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2019-20 Panda

Class Teacher Miss Boaks
Teaching Assistant Miss Flood
Communications Term 1 – Newsletter

Our Learning Journey

Our first learning journey in Year 6 will be ‘Can I be an entrepreneur?’ Throughout the term, the children will design, brand, create and present an edible product. As well as this, the children will be learning about the history of chocolate, the rainforest and Fairtrade.

Our work in English this term is going to be based around our learning journey and will link to chocolate and Fairtrade. By the end of the term, your child will have written a formal letter regarding Fairtrade, a description of a chocolate creation and a persuasive speech promoting their product.

In Mathematics, we will be focusing on number and place value to ensure that all children build a conceptual understanding of Maths at a Year 6 level. We will be working extremely hard on our times tables and we ask that you work on these at home with your child as they form an integral part of accessing the maths curriculum. Times table Rockstar is available to use at home with the same username and password.

Term 1 – Activities 

  • Chocolate workshop
  • The history and production of chocolate
  • Exploring Fairtrade and the rights of children and workers around the world
  • Creating their own food product
  • The health impact of sugar
  • Planning, designing packaging for their product
  • Impacts of plastic on the environment
  • Producing a film advert and looking at creating a suitable theme tune for it
  • Human effects on the rainforest
  • Using pastels to create a rainforest scene

Term 1 – Key Words

  • Fairtrade
  • Cocoa
  • Rainforest
  • Mayans
  • Biomes
  • Aztec
  • Entrepreneur
  • Economist
  • Branding

Online Learning  

Maths links:

  • Times Table Rockstars
  • Hit the Button
  • Prodigy

G.P.S. links:



Learning Journey:


There are lots of informative videos that link to our Learning Journey on BBC Newsround website.


for information on the rainforest and the Aztecs

How can you support your child?

Please can you encourage your child to read at least 4 times a week and sign your child’s planner.

Your child will have received a spelling overview for the term. Each week, we will be learning a new spelling rule and we suggest the children continue to practise this rule at home.

We also recommend using the CGP targeted question books if you wish to support your child further for Reading, English and Maths. An example of the type of book is below.