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Class Teacher Miss K Callaghan
Teaching Assistant Mrs A Miller
Communications Term 1 – Spelling Letter 

Term 1 – Newsletter

Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey this term will be based around the question ‘What makes a criminal? We will be exploring this exciting subject across all curriculum areas. As part of History/ Geography, we will be visiting the tower of London and taking part in a crime and punishment tour which will enrich our children’s learning journey. The children will have some exciting opportunities during our English lessons to experience crime and punishment through various role play activities. The learning journey also allows us to incorporate many topic based activities in our science, history, geography and PSHE. One of the activities the children will be taking part in will be the investigation of the Princes in the Tower where the children will get the opportunity to become detectives and deduce the motive and perpetrator behind the disappearance of Edward V and his brother Richard Duke of York.


Term 1 – Activities 

As mentioned above, year 5 will have some incredible opportunities to immerse themselves in our topic. As well as the trip to the tower of London year 5 will also be learning about crime and punishment through the ages. We will be writing diary extracts and performing a play based on scripts we will be developing in week 4 to week 7, the play script will be based around a classroom trial!

Term 1 – Key Words

Crime, Criminal(S), Victorian, Motives, Means, Fine, Court, Guilty, Judge, Jury, Accused, Testimony, Punishment, Tried, Thief, Robbery, Trial By Jury, Police, Witness/Witnesses, Investigation, Prison, Steal, Arson

Online Learning  

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How can you support your child?

Please can you encourage your child to read at least 4 times a week and sign your child’s planner.

Your child will have received a spelling overview for the term. Each week, we will be learning a new spelling rule and we suggest the children continue to practise this rule at home.